Thiruvalla Police Station

Thiruvalla Police Station was formed on 15/08/1960 The office of the Inspector of Police is also functioning in the same compound.Thiruvalla is a town and a Taluk headquarters located in Pathanamthitta district. Thiruvalla Police Station fall under Thiruvalla Police Circle and Thiruvalla Police Sub Division.

Jurisdiction Details

  • Thiruvalla Village
  • Kavumbhagom, Village
  • Kuttapuzha
  • Kuttoor Village
  • Eraviperoor Village
  • Kaviyoor Village
  • Peringara village

Border Police Stations

The border Police Stations of Palode Police Station are Pangode, Vithura, Kadackal, Kulathupuzha, Ponmudi, Valiyamala, Nedumangad, and Venjaramoodu.

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

  • Mavelikkara Parliament Constituency
  • Thiruvalla Legislative Assembly

Government Institutions

  • Village office, Kavumbhagom
  • Branch Post office at Kavumbhagom
  • Village office Peringara
  • Branch Post Office at Peringara
  • Peringara Panchayath Office
  • Thiruvalla Taluk office
  • Sub-Treasury
  • Sub Registrar's office
  • Sub Division Office PWD
  • Section Office PWD
  • Munsiff's Court
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate Court
  • Bench Magistrate Court
  • Taluk Welfare Inspector's office
  • Post and Telegraph Office
  • RMS office
  • Telephone Exchange
  • Branch Post office at Market
  • Labour welfare Office
  • Municipal Office
  • Office of the Supdt. Of Devaswom
  • Office of the District Educational Officer
  • Asst. Educational Office
  • Village Office, Thiruvalla
  • Electrical Sub Division Office
  • Electrical Junior Engineer's office
  • State Transport Office
  • Railway Station
  • Village office, Eraviperoor
  • Branch Post office at Eraviperoor
  • Panchayath Office, Eraviperoor
  • Panchayath Office, Kuttoor
  • Excise Office
  • Village Office, Kaviyoor
  • Branch Post Office at Kaviyoor


  • Govt. Hospital (PHC), Othera
  • Ayurvedic Hospital, Thiruvalla
  • Government Hospital Thiruvalla

Educational Institutions

  • SNDP HS, Chathenkerry
  • St.Thomas HS, Kadapra
  • St. Mary's HS, Niranam
  • AMMHS, Othera
  • DVNSS, Othera
  • PMVHS, Peringara
  • CMSHS, Thiruvalla
  • SNVSHS, Thiruvalla
  • National HS, Vallamkulam
  • CMSHS, Mundiyappally
  • NSS HS, Muthoor
  • Govt.HS, Azhiyidathuchira
  • Govt.HS, Kuttoor
  • Govt.HS, Nedumbram
  • Govt. Girls HS, Peringara
  • Govt. Model Girls HS, Thiruvalla
  • KNM, Govt HS
  • St. Thomas HSS, Eruvallipra
  • St. Johns HSS, Eraviperoor
  • NSS HSS, Kaviyoor
  • SG HSS, Kadapra
  • DBHSS, Parumala
  • MGM HSS, Thiruvalla
  • SCS HSS, Thiruvalla
  • Balika madam HSS, Thiruvalla
  • DBHSS, Kavumbhagom
  • Nicholson's Residential High School
  • St. Thomas HS, Thirumoolapuram
  • NSS LPS, Muthoor
  • SA LPS, Kattookkara
  • EA LPS, Eruvallipra
  • EA LPS, Amalloor
  • Yogakshemam LPS, Thukalasserry
  • CMS UPS, Thukalasserry
  • Marthoma College, Thiruvalla
  • Marthoma Training College, Thiruvalla
  • National Engineering Institute, Thiruvalla
  • Pushpagiri Medical College, Thiruvalla
  • Mar Athanesous College for Engineering, Thiruvalla
  • St. Johns LPS, Eraviperoor
  • Martha Mariyam UPS, Othera
  • NSS UPS, Othera
  • LPS Othera
  • UPS, Othera
  • SA LPS, Thaimaravumkara
  • St.Mary's LPS, Kuttoor
  • Hindu Mission LPS, Vallamkulam
  • Govt. LPS Padinjattusserry
  • Cherupushpavilasam LPS, Kuttoor
  • Govt. UPS, Alumthuruthy
  • Govt. LPS Vengal
  • Govt. LPS, Kavumbhagom
  • Govt LPS, Manackachira
  • Govt LPS, Idinjillam
  • Govt. UPS, Kaviyoor
  • Govt.LPS, Thottabhagom
  • Govt UPS, Kuttoor
  • Govt UPS Eraviperoor
  • Govt.UPS, Vallamkulam
  • Govt LPS,      Vallamkulam
  • Govt.LPS, Othera West
  • DV LPS, Vallamkulam
  • Govt.UP School, Peringara
  • Govt LPS, Chathenkerry
  • Govt LPS, Mepral
  • Govt LPS, Karackal

Banks and Financial Institutions

The financial institutions in Palode PS limit are South Malabar Gramin bank, Palode, KSFE, Palode, SBT Palode, SBT Madathara , Union Bank, Palode, Bank Of India Peringammala.

Important Temples

Important temples are Arippa Ammayambalam, Pacha Sastha Temple, Alampara devi temple and Palode Mela.


  • St. George Orthadox Church, Paliyekkara
  • CSI Church, Thukalasserry
  • St. Johns Cathedral, Thiruvalla
  • St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, SCS Thiruvalla
  • St. Thomas Marthoma Chuch,          Eraviperoor
  • St. George Orthodox Church, Kattappuram
  • St. Stephen's Church, Mundiyappally
  • Salvation Army, Thiruvalla

Important Mosques

  • Juma Masjid, Muthoor
  • Juma Masjis, Thiruvalla Town
  • Juma Masjid, Thukalasserry

Transportation-Main Roads

Main Central Road passes through Thiruvalla PS limit.Other roads are SH Road and TK Road.