Thannithod Police Station


Thannithodu is a village in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala State.It is near to Konni town and is mainly a plantation township Thannithode Police station was formed on 05.08.1987 in a rented building and later the police Station was shifted to a Government building on 26.02.2011.The new Building situated in the land having an extend of 6.7 Are in survey No. 432/5 of Thannithode Village.

Jurisdiction Details

The jurisdiction of Thannithod Police Station extends to Thannithode Village,Thekkuthode,Manneera,Konni Thazham Village and Elimullumplacka


Border Police Stations

The border police stations of Thannithod Police station are Konni and Chitta

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Jurisdiction of Thannithod Police Station comes under Pathanamthitta Parliament Constituency and in Konny Legislative Assembly

Vital installation and Government Institutions

  • Panchayathu Office,Thannithod
  • Village Office,Thannithod
  • Agriculture Office
  • ,Vetenary  Hospital, Thannithod
  • Primary Health Centre,
  • Forest station,Thannithod
  • Post Office., Thannithod
  • Plantation  Corporation, Thannithod
  • Telephone Exchange,Thannithode

Important Hospitals

  • Primary Health Centre,

Important Colleges & Schools

  • Gov.HSS,Elimullumplackal
  • Gov. HSS,Thekkuthod
  •  Gov. Welfare   UPS,Thannithod
  • ST,Benedict HSS ,Thannithod

Important Banks and Financial Institutions

  • State Bank of Travancore,Karimanthode
  • Federal  Bank,Thannithode
  • Dist.Co-Operative   Bank,Thannithode 
  • Co-Operative Thannithode,
  • Co-Operative -Thekkuthode,
  • Co-Operative  Elimullumplackal,.                                

Important Temples and Festivals

  • Aluvankudi Mahadeva Temple - Sivarathri Maholsavam
  • Parakkulam Siva Temple,
  • Moorthimon Subramanya Temple.Thiaypooya Maholsavam
  • Kunjinamkuzhikotta Malanada-Makaravilakku Maholsavam
Churches and Festivals
  • St. Antony's Orthodox Church-Thannithode
  • St. Antony's  Catholic Church,Thannithode
  • Marthoma Church,Thannithode
  • Orthodox Church-Thekkuthode
  • Orthodox Church-Karimanthode
  • Orthodox Church-Parakkulam
  • Orthodox Church- Elimullumplackal
  • Orthodox Church-Mannera
  • Catholic Church,Karimanthode
  • Catholic Church,Elimullumplackal.

Important Mosques

Mosques at Mosque-Thekkuthode

Transportation – Main Roads

The main roads are Konni- Chittar road

Rivers & Main Cultivation

Kallar river passes through Thannithod Station Limit

Tourism importance

  • Adavi Echo Tourism Project