Pampa Police Station


Pampa is a town in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala State.Pamba is the most important and holy spot on the way to Sannidhanam. All most 92% of jurisdiction of this Police Station covered by thick Forest .There is settelement colonys at Attathodu,Nillackkal,and regular setteles atNaranamthodu,Angelvalley,of Perunadu Panchayath. Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala,ganapthy temple at Pampa,Mahadeva temple at Nillackkal are important pilgrim ceteres with in this P S limit

Jurisdiction Details

  • Sabarimala -East
  • Kanamala- South
  • Poonkavanam-North
  • Valiyana vattom-West

Border Police Stations

  • Moozhiyar PS
  • Peruvanthanam PS
  • Perunadu

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

  • Pathanamthitta LokSabha Constituency
  • Ranny Legislative Assembly

Important Hospitals

Cardiology Centres
  • Appachimedu    04735-202050
  • Neelimala            04735-203384    


  • Government Hospital 04735 - 203318
  • Govt.Homoeo Hospital 04735 - 203537
  • Govt.Ayurveda Hospital 04735 - 202536
  • SAHAS Hospital 04735-203350


  • Government Hospital    04735 - 202101
  • Govt.Homoeo Hospital  04735 - 202843
  • Govt.Ayurveda Hospital 04735 - 202102
  • SAHAS Hospital 04735 – 202080
  • NSS Hospital       04735 -  202010

Important Temples and Festivals


Sabarimala is one of the most popular religious significant places of India. It is a Hindu pilgrimage centre where every year millions of devotees come to visit and thus fulfilling their religious beliefs in the land. It is one of the most visited religious centres of the country Beholding great historical and mythological connection this place has outshined as the most popular pilgrimage centres of the country welcoming huge traffic of tourists and devotees from every corner of the world. It is a Hindu pilgrimage but over the years, tourists irrespective of religious have started visiting the land to experience the glory and grandeur of the land. Thus, Sabarimala can be looked beyond its religious heritage and termed as a perfect tourist destination availing tourists an enduring tour to Sabarimala. Sabarimala, the pilgrim centre is located in the Western Ghat mountain ranges of Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. It is the largest annual pilgrim centre in the midst dense forest. . The temple is situated on a hilltop at an altitude of 1260 m (4,133 ft) above main sea level, and is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. The dense forest, (Periyar Tiger Reserve), around the temple is known as Poomkavanam.

Churches and Festivals

Important Mosques

Transportation – Main Roads


  • Kottayam to pamba (via) Erumeli and from Pamba to Sabarimala (by foot) 136 kilometers. Kottayam to Pamba (via) Manimala and there to sabarimala 116 Kilometers.
  • Erumeli to Sabarimala (via) Kalaketty, Azhutha, Inchipra, Karimala, Pampa- 45 kiliometers(traditional route by walking).
  • Vandiperiyar to Mount estate by vehicle and there by waling to sabarimala
  • Climb down sabarimala is Vandiperiyar to Kozhikanam 15 kilometers. Kozhikanam to Uppupara 10 kilometers, Uppupara to Sabarimala 3.5 Kilometers (climb doen on foot).Nearst railway stations are kottayam and Chengannur.



Erumeli to Pamba

80 km

Kottayam to Erumeli (via) Kanjirapally

55 km

Kottayam to Erumeli (via) Manimala

54 km

Kottayam to Pamba (via) Manimala


Kottayam to Pamba (via) Thiruvalla (Kozhencherry, Vadasserikkara )

119 km

Kottayam to Pamba (via) Thiruvalla

123 km

Chengannur to Pamba

93 Km

Ernakulam to Pamba (via) Kottayam

200 km

Allappy to Pamba (via) Ac Road

137 km

Punalur to Pamba

101 km

Pathanathitta to pamba

65 km

Thiruvananthapuram to Pamba

180 km

Ernakulam to Erumeli (via) Vaikkam, Pala, Ponkunnam


Rivers & Main Cultivation

  • Pampa River

Places which have Historical Importance

Tourism importance

Accident Prone Areas

  • Various parts of Mannrakulanji - Chalakayam Road
  • Erumely Pampa Road