• Transfer and Posting
  • Promotions
  • Transfer of AR personnel to Local Police;  Inter district transfer of Police personnel etc
  • Maintenance of register of vacancies
  • All miscellaneous papers on establishment  matters including  service rules and amendment of service rules
  • Issue of NOC for applying  for other employment
  • Preparation of waiting List of AR HCs and PCs eligible  for transfer  to local police
  • Preparation select list of CPOs fit for promotion for SCPOs both AR and Local
  • OPs on service matter

A2 Section

  • Recruitment – All categories
  • Opening of service books of new recruits
  • Training and Courses – All categories
  • Execution of Bonds
  • Deputation – All categories
  • General HC’s test, AR HC’s test , Catechism  etc
  • Employment Assistance to dependents of deceased officers   and under   compassionate   Employment scheme
  • All correspondences  on recruitment , training and departmental   tests
  • Maintenance of  D.O book.

A3. Section

  • Probation of all categories
  • Preparation of yearly seniority list  of local HCs, AR HCs, Local
  • PCs & AR PCs.
  • Petitions and Writ petitions on seniority – All categories.
  • Maintenance of register of probation
  • Conformation – All categories
  • Maintenance of strength register book

A4. Section

  • Fixation of Pay – All Categories
  • Sanctioning of Increments – All Categories
  • All correspondence relating to the above subjects
  • Sanctioning of fixation of higher grades to all categories

A5. Section

  • Sanctioning of leave  of all police personnel (officers & men ) of General Executive  & AR including pensioners
  • Sanctioning of EL surrender & leave for employment / visiting   abroad
  • All correspondence on leave of AR & General Exe.
  • Maintenance of special Leave Register
  • All correspondence relating to leave.

A5(a). Section

  • Service book & AR Constabulary.

A6. Section

  • Sanction of Pension, Gratuity including Family Pension
  • Maintenance of service books of all categories
  • Annual verification of service books
  • Quinquennial attestation of service books
  • Maintenance of  Service Book Register
  • Sanction of leave/EL surrender of Ministerial staff

B1. Section

  • Budget, Preparation of Annual Budget estimate
  • Allotment of funds
  • Preparation of Excess and Saving statement
  • Receipt and Expenditure statements
  • Treasury verification and reconciliation of  Departmental expenditure                                                                            
  • Loans and advances from government HBA,MCA etc
  • Auction sale of usufructs on police land leased  Govt. land
  • Realization of  Bill of cost of Police guards provided  to other Departments/Institution and Police Escorts to
  • other     Depts./Institutions with or without vehicle.
  • Maintenance of  Liability Register.
  • Maintenance of  register of audit objection and  clearance of audit objections.
  • Audit reports – all correspondence
  • Maintenance of  register of trees in police land
  • Maintenance of Register of auction  sale of usufructs
  • Maintenance of Chelan Register
  • Maintenance of personnel advance register

B2. Section

  • T.A. Claim of Officers and Men in Local Police   
  • Maintenance of  TA Check Register
  • Sanctioning and drawl of TA Advance to all  categories
  • Auditing of TA Bills
  • Maintenance of TA   Allotment Register
  • TA Claims of AR police personnel
  • Auditing of  TA Bills and Bus warrant bills

E1. Section

  • Store purchases, collection and distribution of stores
  • Maintenance of stock register
  • Departmental Arms and Ammunition
  • Loss of Govt. Property, stores
  • Disposal of old papers
  • KPW & A Fund & Auditing of Private Funds